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Horse Boarding

Path in front of J. Bennett Farms' entrance leading to Griffith Park riding trails   Inside barn isle with horse stalls on both sides and cavelleti set out for training
Horse boarding stalls with horses enjoying the view of mountains and riding ring.   Horse riding area on north side of Bennett Farms boarding stable.

Bennett Farms horse boarding stable offer state of the art horse boarding with care programs that provide exercise conditioning, individualized feeding, training and lessons. Our stable has clean well maintained 12' x 12' boxed wood horse stalls with private storage area and sliding doors. The Los Angeles Equestrian Center has numerous horse riding arenas and access to miles of Griffith park riding trails available for Bennett Farms clients.


Individualized Feeding Program

We believe that our individualized feeding program is providing a horse with the best nutrition in the most comprehensive manner possible. Each horse has a nutritional profile designed specifically to their needs; depending on the duties we ask of them and their daily activity level.

Ideally, the horses are fed 4 times a day. This is very important, as it keeps their gastrointestinal system active all day which is a great colic preventive measure. Time is taken to make certain that each flake of hay at each meal weighs the correct pre-determined amount for that particular horse.

There is an additional charge for the individualized feeding and carrots.


Basic Services

Blanketing/unblanketing; daily monitoring; cleaning once daily; walker daily; monitor shoes and worming; administer owner's medications on a limited basis; clip bridle path; arrange for and assist vet; monitor condition; notify owner in case of emergency.  We hold staff meeting 4-6 days per week in order to keep staff apprize of health & training issues of the individual horses in our care. 

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