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James E. Bennett, M.A.
Jim Bennett - Education
  M.A. Psychology, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas, (1977)
  Ph.D. candidate in Educational Psychology,  University of Santo Thomas, Manila, Philippines, 1972
  M. A. Criminology, University of Santo Thomas, Manila, Philippines, 1972
B. A. Sociology, Cum Laude, Park College, Parkville, Missouri, (1967)
  St. Joseph Preparatory School, Bardstown, Kentucky (1957)
Jim Bennett - Employment History
  Bennett Farms at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, Owner, Manager & Trainer (1980 - 2014)
  ASAP Family Treatment Programs, Clinical Director, Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Hospital Inpatient Programs, (1980 - 1995)
  Bennett Farms, Malibu, Manager & Trainer, (1980 - 1995)
  A successful Competitive Equestrian Program where recovering individuals were trained in all areas of Equestrian management and competition
  Consultant to New Directions for Youth with focus on Training Counselors to work with Drug/Alcohol/Mental Health Groups in schools throughout the San Fernando Valley
  Republican National Committee, Consultant to for "Winner's Edge" Program
  "Because I Love You", Served on the Board of Directors.
  Wolford Hall Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas, Supervisor Psychological Testing Department,.  A 1300 bed hospital with a Mission of Patient Care, Teaching and Research (1972 – 1979)
  United States Air Force (1961 -1979)
Jim Bennett Teaching (1970-1972
  University of the Philippines, Manila, Criminology
  University of Santo Thomas, Manila, Power Structure and Social Change
Jim Bennett - RECOGNITION/AWARDS (1995 to present)
  Corporate Award for work with Youth;  New Directions for Youth
  U.S. Senate:  Dianne Fienstein - Senatorial Recognition Award:  20th District
  Los Angeles City, County Corporate Award
  Certificate of Recognition:  California State Senate
  Certificate of Recognition:  California Assembly
  Consultant to American Horse Show Association to implement Drug and Alcohol Free Equestrian Competition. (1999 – Present)
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